Basement stair ideas – 10 inspirational decor and design solutions

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22 September 2021

HvB Elnaz Namaki Notting Hill Townhouse W2 design and build services

Homes & gardens

These basement stair ideas will transform neglected circulation space into a beautiful feature.


Basement stair ideas deserve as much consideration as those for the main staircase – but this isn’t always the case. The basement staircase is often a Cinderella feature of a home, simply performing its role and fading into the background.

Yet basement stairs can be beautiful as well as providing passage. And if the basement of a home has been transformed into additional living, working, guest, or leisure space, this staircase should be as well thought-out in decor and design terms as the main staircase is when assembling hallway ideas.

Here we’ve collected basement stair ideas to provide inspiration to transform this part of a home along with expert advice on doing so…


Original basement stairs can often be cramped in comparison to a home’s main staircase, so if you’re remodeling the basement it can be worthwhile upgrading to a properly sized staircase.

‘We designed this staircase with HvB Development with proportion, functionality and design as the key components in mind,’ says interior designer Elnaz Namaki of Elnaz Namaki Studio.

‘The existing staircase was very narrow and had terrible headroom as you walked down and as our client was tall this was a big issue. We designed and built a new staircase in a new position further back to allow more headroom and also increased the width – we also recessed the handrail within the wall to help this further.

‘The style of the staircase is both contemporary yet classic to blend with the more traditional style on the ground floor and the more contemporary style in the new lower ground floor kitchen.

‘The staircase is also very functional and links directly to the kitchen with full storage below which houses a wine fridge, AV and additional storage space for the kitchen.

‘The steps are bespoke in dark oak to match the wood flooring and the spindles and risers are painted in Farrow & Ball color Down Pipe which ties in with the color scheme in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the house.’

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Photography by James McDonald