Bringing Hygge Into Your Home

Mansion Global

7 November 2018

A Luuna Collection plush pink shearling chair and ottoman designed by Elnaz Namaki embody the cozy life in this quaint living space.

The Scandinavian concept is all about plush textures and neutral tones

Each week Mansion Global tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to make translate the Danish idea of Hygge into your living space.

Soft blankets, a warm fire, a big comfy sweater – the Danish concept of “Hygge” is about complete coziness.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the idea, as it’s been pervading our collective consciousness for the last several years. For Danes, Hygge is a way of life that plays out most notably in their style of décor – be it plush textures, neutral tones, or natural materials.

“Hygge is a concept from the Scandinavian Nordic countries that involves both lifestyle, product design and interior design,” said Leonora Sartori, Houzz Italy editor. “We’ve seen it spread all over Europe in the last two years and raised lots of interest among our non-Nordic and Mediterranean communities on Houzz, including Italy. It’s a way of thinking (family is important; not rushing is important; escaping the multitasking mind-set and embracing a more meditative and cozy approach to everyday life) that reflects in design and domestic choices.”

Here, advice from design pros across the globe on how to “Hygge” your home.

Soft Meets Splashy

Elnaz Namaki of London-based Elnaz Namaki Studio explains “Every space should make you feel cozy and at home, while well-designed, authentic and peaceful. Hygge is also about connecting with nature, so muted earth tones are a great base for any color scheme. However, you need to layer this with pops of color or pattern so that the space doesn’t feel cold or flat. Color and patterns help personalize each space and appeal to our senses, while the earth tone base creates a calm and peaceful ambience.

“Mixing old and new creates the feeling of Hygge – we love mixing contemporary furniture with antiques and vintage finds to create depth and character. The Hygge philosophy is about less is more and quality over quantity, so you are better off investing in key high-quality pieces of furniture with real craftsmanship, which are long lasting and finer quality.

“Materials and surfaces draw on nature so using wood and lots of wool, cashmere and sheepskin are key. We used shearling as the core material of our Luuna Collection because it provides an extra layer of Hygge connecting with our skin as an organic texture, making you feel cozy and comforted. Cushions and blankets are essential to any Hygge household for coziness and comfort. Every home needs a ‘hyggekrog,’ which translates as a nook or cozy spot filled with lots of cushions and blankets.

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